People First - All Else Follows. It’s a simple rule, but not well understood - much less followed, particularly for those that live in a ‘Corporate First’ world. (Don’t we all?)

The goal of this newsletter, associated web site, blog, social communities and upcoming books is to first explore how people have increasingly taken a back seat in society as we sit in the thrall of ‘the corporates’. The question then is what can people with corporations do to mitigate the downside - which is not just significant, but unchecked will serve to deliver global social problems that we have yet to recognize - much less work out how to fix.

People First lays the groundwork for people both inside and outside of Corporations to understand how they can better work and engage in a ‘Corporate First World’.

The newsletter is free and will be of interest to anyone.

What a business should do about it and how should it be approached - well that’s where the secret sauce is. There is not a one size fits all answer, so instead we take a collaborative approach which is best summed up by listening to learn to lead.

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