People First - All Else Follows. It’s a simple rule, but not well understoof - much less followed, particularly for those that live in a ‘Corporate First’ world. (Don’t we all).

The goal of this newsletter, associated web site, blog, social communities and upcoming books is to first explore how people have increasingly taken a back seat in society as we sit in thrall of ‘the corporates’. The question then is what can people with corporations do to mitigate the downside - which is not just significant, but unchecked will serve to deliver global social problems that we have yet to recognize - much less work out how to fix.

Data, Identity and Technology are just three of the pillars that make up the People First Business Equation driving a detailed discussion around The Future of Work.

People First lays the the ground work for people both inside and outside of Corporations to understand how they can better work and engage in a ‘Corporate First World’.





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